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What You Need To Know About Today's Numbers on Autism

Our knowledge of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) has increased rapidly over the last few decades, mainly due to increased awareness and a more focused definition of what autism is.

By now, you’ve likely heard that the average diagnosis rate in the US is 1 in 68. Autism is a unique developmental disorder, characterized by certain traits such as a lack of eye contact and missing social cues. Autism is also unique in that it doesn’t affect individuals the same way every time.

Child Guidance offers several programs to help children with autism who have social, emotional, and skills-based needs. Programs like our After School and Elementary School offer focused support in group environments. BHRS, Blended Case Management, and Family-Based services provide the coaching, support, and training necessary for the family to take advantage of social supports and community resources. Social Thinking models like Pivotal Response Treatment, Therapeutic Summer Programs, and Specialized Outpatient groups, enable children to successfully navigate the social world.

This infographic examines how far our healthcare system has come and what plans we have for the future of autism services. Be sure to download this graphic as a handy reference. (And don’t forget to contact us for more information about autism services!)


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