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Police Officer Does Push-Ups To Calm Down Boy With Autism

A Tennessee police officer has been snapped teaching a boy with autism how to perform push-ups in an attempt to soothe him.

Bradley County Sheriff’s Office has described in a Facebook post how officer Deputy Corey Loftis was called to the home of Cleveland mother Christy Richardson following reports her son Bubba was “severely agitated”.

The post claims Ms Richardson deliberately called police as she knew Bubba “loved officers”.

“When Deputy Loftis showed up, he was able to calm Bubba down and showed him how to channel his frustration by doing ‘push-ups’,” the post explains.

“Bubba was laughing before Deputy Loftis left, which at the time I thought was impossible!" Ms Richardson said.

“I can't thank Officer Loftis enough for being so caring through it all."

The post includes a screenshot of Ms Richardson’s original post about the encounter, showing Bubby and Dep Loftis performing push-ups together.

“So tell me again how you think all cops are bad?” the post’s caption reads.


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