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Mom Uses CBD Oil To Treat Autistic Child - Health Improves Greatly

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Mom, Rebecca says she successfully uses CBD to treat an autistic child. Her son, Gavin, was diagnosed with autism at the age of three. Health problems and a failure to reach developmental milestones ultimately led to the diagnosis.

Gavin’s health was falling apart, and he suffered from an array of conditions including cerebral palsy, complex partial seizures, genetic anomaly, cyclical vomiting, and autism. CBD turned his life around.

Keppra rage

Tobegin with, Gavin had to take an anticonvulsant called Keppra for his seizures. The seizures stopped but, as in so many cases, his autistic behaviors became worse. “Keppra rage” is well documented as a side effect, and after two months on the drug, Gavin would have fits of uncontrollable rage. However, his parents were hesitant to take him off the medication as it controlled the seizures.

Blowing smoke

At the time, Rebecca saw a CNN documentary on medical marijuana by chance and started reading about the successes of medical marijuana online. She asked the neurologist seeing Gavin about the possibility of medical marijuana. In response, he asked her if she was planning to blow smoke in Gavin’s face.

She felt despondent after this remark but kept researching online. Finally, she found support via Facebook and landed up in the rooms of Dr. Bonni in early 2014. By this time, Gavin was out of control. He never spoke, and life was a daily struggle for his family.

High dose CBD to treat an autistic child

Dr. Bonni started Gavin with a high dose of CBD-rich cannabis oil. He showed an immediate positive response. Within ten days, Gavin started speaking again. Now, Rebecca needed to see if her son could cope without Keppra.

Under medical supervision, she followed a process that would wean him off the drug over a period of five months. The EEG showed some seizure activity initially, but Rebecca asked for a three-month period to allow her to adjust the CBD dosage. The next EEG, just 48 hours later, showed no seizure activity at all, and Gavin never needed anticonvulsant medication again.

Added THC

Gavin was seizure free. He was talking and relating to people, and his behavior was much, much better, but he still had some behavioral problems relating to autism. Dr. Bonni decided to add THC-rich cannabis oil to his regime twice a day to keep him focused and calm. He improved dramatically again.

The best result for Gavin lay in a 1:1 ratio of CBD to THC. Even though it may seem like a relatively high THC dose, it doesn’t affect Gavin adversely. He goes to kindergarten, and plays well with his peers, coping through the day with ease. He is thriving, and his school reports are outstanding.

Being an astronaut

Rebecca and her family are still amazed at how dramatic the turnaround cannabis oil brought about in Gavin’s life, and theirs was. Apart from seizure control, the improvement to his speech and the reduced autistic behavior leaves them amazed. Rebecca’s most beautiful recollection is the day she was ironing, and Gavin came into the room with a washing basket, got into it, and said, “Look, Mom! I’m an astronaut!”

She couldn’t believe it was the same child who, only a short while back, never spoke or played games.

Autistic children should be given a chance with CBD

Dr. Bonni says Gavin, now five, is a well-adapted little boy. Not all children might experience his level of improvement, but she believes all children should have the opportunity to attain a full life experience.

Although there’s no hard scientific evidence in favor of using cannabis to treat an autistic child, she feels that cannabis oil treatments should be available. She has seen the results for herself.


Original Article: Endoca

Disclaimer: This information is not intended to diagnose any medical condition or to replace your healthcare professional. Consult with your healthcare professional to design an appropriate treatment for your medical condition.

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