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Mom asks John Cena for Birthday Shout Out for Son with Autism

An Easton mom is hoping to rally the community and get the attention of her son's hero: John Cena.

Sarah's son, Lucas, is turning 12 later this month. Lucas has autism and ADHD and has been bullied in school, Sarah said.

As a birthday gift, Sarah is hoping to get her son a shout out from John Cena. She said a birthday video from Cena would make her son's birthday unforgettable and help bring awareness about bullying, autism and ADHD.

>> LINK: Birthday Shout Out for Lucas Facebook page

Lucas' birthday is September 29, but Sarah is hoping to have the video by September 25, when they'll be celebrating. Lucas has no idea what his mom is planning.

The New England Patriots have already stepped up -- they'll be sending over a birthday package for Lucas.

Source: Fox25Boston

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