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Autism Meltdown At The Mall - What Would You Do?

When we tell people our son is autistic and has terrible tantrums, some people tell us: "Every kid throws tantrums and breaks things." To us, that's like a person with a cold telling a cancer patient that everyone gets sick. While showing this side of autism is difficult, it is meant to show others what signs to look for when seeing a child behave differently in public, and that just because a child doesn't look "special needs," doesn't mean they are just a bratty child. Autism effects the mind. This video is meant to educate, foster compassion for autistic families and individuals, and spread awareness so we can hopefully find the missing link to autism and/or more aid for autism.

Here is a comment from one of our subscribers: cutestbabyever19: "This is my son on a daily basis. thank you for posting. people don't understand why someone would post this. it helps other parents to not feel so alone in raising an autistic child and helps people to learn about how to and how not to deal with meltdowns and sadly there are families with autistic children who refuse to get a diagnosis because they think that these kids just need discipline and they can deal with it on their own. there are so many helpful benefits of having a diagnosis. just because someone doesn't have a physical defect it doesn't mean they don't have special needs. More power to autism!!!!"

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